Bandwagon Music Center is a membership-based after school music center for kids age 8-17. Think of it like a gym, but for music! BWMC membership includes center access, use of instruments and recording equipment, curriculum, and opportunities to perform at our Bandwagon Showcases. Thanks to our “all kids learn all instruments” approach, our members quickly gain skills on not just one instrument but many! Best of all, they get a chance to make new friends who share their interest in music. If your child learns better in a one-on-one environment, we also offer traditional private lessons as an add-on to any membership package.

At BWMC, our membership program is our flagship offering. It eliminates many of the roadblocks that keep kids from succeeding in music by providing them with:
+ a supervised space to play
+ new instruments to try and access to recording gear
+ flexible scheduling and pricing for both single players and families
+ diverse and talented music mentors to learn from
+ like-minded friends to jam with!

For younger kids and adults, we offer private lessons by appointment as well.

Click HERE to download a PDF menu of our various membership options.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers or email us!


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