At BWMC, our membership program is our flagship offering.
It eliminates many of the roadblocks that keep kids from succeeding in music by providing them with:
+ a supervised space to play
+ new instruments to try
+ flexible scheduling and pricing for both single players and families
+ diverse and talented music mentors to learn from
+ like-minded friends to jam with!

BWMC membership includes:
+ center access M-F from 2-6pm*
+ use of center equipment
+ supervision and instruction from BWMC’s awesome staff
+ proprietary Level Up curriculum
+ daily group classes on ukulele, drums, piano, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
+ deep discounts on special events, facility rentals, academic tutoring and more!

Click HERE to download a PDF menu of our various membership options.

Bandwagon Music Center is a membership-based after school music center for kids age 8-17. Think of it like a gym, but for music! BWMC membership includes center access, use of equipment, curriculum and group lessons that take place each weekday at 3:45pm. Each week, we cover ukulele, drums, piano, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar as well as recording techniques and videography for more tech-minded kids. Thanks to our “all kids learn all instruments” approach, our members quickly gain skills on not just one instrument but many! Best of all, they get a chance to make new friends who share their interest in music.

If your child learns better in a one-on-one environment, we also offer traditional private lessons as an add-on to any membership package.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ page for answers or email us!

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