About Us

 Bandwagon Institute for the Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing music education and access to equipment and rehearsal space to Kauai musicians of all ages. 

Our flagship facility, Bandwagon Music Center, is located at Kukui Grove Center in Lihue, HI and is bursting at the seams with room after room of awesome music gear. Here we offer private instruction, group lessons, recording services and rehearsal space. It’s like a gym, but for musicians.   We teach ukulele, drums, piano, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar as well as vocal and recording techniques.

All of our services are booked by appointment.  


Bandwagon’s purpose is to provide a fun, safe space of mentorship and training in music and applied arts for the children of Kauai, with a focus on after-school hours. It is our goal to surround them with high quality music mentors, giving them tools of expression and voice. We exist to empower Kauai’s kids to be confident, adaptable, and give them the ability to work well with others of various ages & artistic skill levels. In fulfilling our mission, it is our goal to be an agent of positive change in our community, helping kids be positive community contributors as they grow to adulthood.


We take a student-centered approach, by working with the aspiring musician to determine what they would like to play. We seek to interest them in the joy and art of music, by giving them awesome examples and exercises or just space to play. Our instructors lend their expertise to help the student not only learn what they’re most interested in, but to excel at it.


Started as a literal “bandwagon” (aka mini bus) in 2011, our founder Jeremy Hartshorn drove house to house giving the keiki of Kauai musical instruction. In the years since then, we’ve ditched the buses (they broke!) and now operate out of our brick and mortar music center and via online lessons.


(808) 634-BWMC OR (808) 634-2962 | BWMC808@GMAIL.COM

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