Looking for a great after-school activity for your youth this Fall? The Bandwagon is now taking sign-ups for lessons!

This is a great opportunity to get your youth involved in learning an instrument (or instruments) in a fun, safe, and exciting way. The Bandwagon is fully equipped with a wide range of instruments that are sure to get kids excited about learning. Everything from ukuleles to iPads to drums are on board the bus. In addition to music lessons, The Bandwagon also offers recording services for those that are looking to produce a song, or even an entire album. In a band? Trying your hand at writing songs? We can help you there as well. We’ve helped many of our students produce outstanding music that has been met with rave reviews from parents and critics alike!

And the best part is that we come to YOU! The Bandwagon has two buses that service the entire island – from Kekaha to Hanalei!

If you have any questions or would like us to contact you about lessons, please visit our Contact page and complete the form. More information about lesson rates can be found on our Services page.

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